About This Blog

As a craftsperson and small-business artisan, I spend a lot of time thinking about cool things to do. And half of the fun of a cool project or crazy experiment– successful or not– is sharing the results. And because I love seeing other people do awesome things with my ideas, I’ll be posting a lot of tutorials, too; if you make use of them, I’d love to hear about it!

This blog isn’t going to update daily or weekly; it will update as I do things that I want to share with the world or record for my own future reference. And it’s not really a business blog, except inasmuch as my business is doing creative things and hoping other people find them delicious or entertaining enough to buy, and this blog is one more chance to entertain you. I welcome questions or suggestions. If you actually want to buy any of the things you see here, or the delicious tasty chocolates you’ll see posts about, step over to the main site at www.chocolatesbyariel.com, which has all of the contact information you’ll need. (And just to let you know, we’ll be unveiling our new brand name soon!)

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